The Basics of Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are used to get your brand in front of people and share your story/value proposition. Your goal with Facebook marketing is to create Awareness, Consideration and Conversion. Here is your guide !

  • Awareness – Introduce your product or brand to the world via Facebook Ads. Create a story around your product/brand that people will remember.
  • Consideration – Offer a value proposition that attracts potential customers to consider your brand/product.
  • Conversion – Convert the customer (i.e. make the sale) and build ongoing customer loyalty that will keep customers buying again and again.

When creating an ad campaign on Facebook, these are your three marketing objectives.

Type of Marketing Objectives

The first step of Facebook ad creation is selecting the type of marketing objectives you want to run, from Reach to Traffic or Conversions and more, depending your marketing objectives.

With the power of Facebook Ads, you can reach people based on location, age, gender, interests, actions they have taken on your website/app, and much more!

Whether if you want to get more people into your physical store (store traffic), visitors to your website (traffic) or to like your Facebook Page (engagement), you will need to select the marketing objective according to your strategy. Facebook has a Marketing Objective for every scenario and type of ad you could ever want.

We will run a test ad on new conversions in order to deliver our product as much as we can to people who are looking for it. Then, we have to define who we want to see our ads by creating a new audience (or use saved audience).

The options for reaching your audience are truly endless with Facebook Ads, including: Custom Audiences (e.g. your email list), Locations, Age, Gender, Languages, Detailed Targeting (e.g. Demographics, Interests or Behaviours).

Audience = Who Sees Your Ad

  • Specific – Targeting a small niche group of people (potential ad reach between 1,000 and 1,000,000 users) via strict parameters at nearly every option available under the Audience section of your Facebook Ad creation.➢Broad – Targeting a much larger group of people (potential ad reach over 1,000,000 users). Facebook ads implement a machine learning algorithm and use a ton of data to optimize your campaigns for who is most likely to click your ad. Just because you have a broad ad with a potential reach of 1m+ doesn’t mean Facebook will serve your campaign to one million people. Facebook is using its algorithm to find the best users, for your budget! They want your ads to succeed so you keep paying them

The Audience section of your Facebook ad campaign enables you to show your ads to the people you think will care about your brand.

There are two general approaches you can take to creating a target audience: specific and broad.

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